About Me

Over the last three decades, my career path has followed two separate tracks, writing and fitness. Though at first glance these paths may seem divergent, they merge at the place where my passion resides and my own healing takes place.  Thankfully, these two roads converge more and more now. While much of my time is still spent with private clients at my mind-body personal training studio, Generations Fitness, a growing part of my day is now also spent writing.

Since 2012, I’ve managed my fitness business full-time and written on the side. The result is 16 health-related articles published at DNAinfo, this blog and my first book, an as yet unpublished memoir, Wasteland Reclaimed.

I chose the name Generations Fitness for my business partly to honor my grandfather, Royal H. Burpee,  the physiologist who originated the popular exercise, known as “the Burpee.”  Goog, as he was known to me, was also an author with two books and many scholarly articles to his name. I like to think he’d be proud of the way I’m following in his footsteps.

Generations Fitness, LLC is the “baby” I birthed 12 years ago as my nest, previously filled with three beautiful young women, began to grow empty. Four years ago, my husband and I completed the reinvention process when we sold our house in the suburbs and moved into NYC, creating time, space and money for us to take on new adventures together. Now, we travel, practice yoga, play on the trapeze and German Wheel, toss the Frisbee, explore museums and shows, and happily indulge in all the Upper East Side has to offer.

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